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Mela Mariposa

Born in Switzerland, Mela is a coach, breathwork therapist, holistic nutritionist and bodyworker. Her greatest passion is all about the breath, in yoga, in breathwork, movement and sound.

In her work she combines her vast clinical background (she once was a nurse), the holistic approach and systemic principles. Yet the meditation, to come into a state of presence, is her main approach in what ever she does.

Intensive studies from yoga to breathwork led her into deeper research about the connection of body symptoms and emotions. Therefore she uses different technics, such as the breath, sound or movement to release the layers of tensions in the body, to eventually arrive into a state of feeling, where presence can be perceived.

Working with people brings her great joy and to witness people coming closer to their true essence is a gift for her. Nowadays she works as a coach and facilitates group sessions and retreats, with the focus on embodying our visions/ dreams and releasing fears and patterns from the past. All together with a good sense of humour and sensitivity.


Check out Melas website: melamariposa.com

Miguel Anumano

Miguel Anumano from Portugal. Passionate about life.

I felt the power of music very early in childhood, immediately I was grabbed by the pulse of african music and spirit. With the drums I started exploring rythm intuitively. Without choosing I became a drummer even before I knew how to read. I have been drumming ever since, observing the connections between rythm and everything else. Intensely devoted to music, inspired mainly by ancestral healing sound, I became a sound explorer, percussionist, vocalist, multi-instrumentist , self-taught improvisation artist.

Throughout the years I was developing a deeper sense for listening, the voices and their diferent layers, the movement within us, the movement of the air, the breath of the earth, the great cosmic orchestra that is ever present.
I believe that music, dance and creativity in general are most powerful healing tools, multi dimensional portals available to all.
And I know by experience that when we explore them fully and intuitively in the present moment, we trancend limitations, awake our senses and perceptions to both the inner and outer world, stepping into a great power, a state of flow and supreme aliveness.
I believe that in the unique and authentic expression of each individual lies its biggest strenght. To this awakening I am in full service to humanity.


Rhiannon Cherokee Wynn

Having taught a variety of things so far in her life, from Elementary Spanish to Taekwondo, it was a natural step for Rhiannon, after beginning her journey with yoga in 2005, to transition from practicing into teaching. Also and avid dancer and sports practitioner, she loves the way that yoga allows her to blend her love of movement and athleticism with mindfulness to make it a truly conscious experience.

Her first training was a Yoga Alliance 200-hr Power Vinyasa Teacher Training and she hasn’t stopped studying and learning yet. She has also completed a 500-hr Teacher Training, additional Power Vinyasa training, Yin, Partner Acrobatics, HoopYogini™ and Elemental Yoga Therapy trainings. She has gone on to assist trainings internationally and offer her own unique retreats.

Rhiannon offers a unique blend of yoga, developed from her 15 years as an educator- Elemental You Yoga. Elemental You Yoga offers how to’s to relieve chronic pain, depression, stress, food related issues, insomnia and more. Asana practice is over-layed with the ageless wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine to return practitioners to wellness through awareness of the five elements-earth, water, fire, air & ether.

Rhiannon thanks her many teachers and draws from all she has learned to encourage students to discover their inner strength and power while tailoring a personal practice to complement their individual needs and abilities. She is dedicated to making yoga accessible, fulfilling, fun and joyful for all those who attend her classes. Rhiannon aims to guide students to find how yoga can enrich their lives and unlock the divine potential in us all.

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