Breathwork Ceremonies

Breathwork Ceremony

Breathwork Group Ceremonies


The way you breathe is the way you live!

The more conscious you breathe the more connected and aware you become. Breathwork uses a simple technic, called “conscious connected breath”, a profound technic that deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, conditioning, negative thoughts/patterns and emotions.
It helps us to open up the doors for new possibilities and a greater consciousness. If done properly it is a “gateway” to your inside world, to truly see who you are with all layers of a human being, emotionally, physically and energetically. And yet the outcome is always a surprise, as we are all individuals caring different stories and backgrounds. The main result is pure presence, which eventually leads us into a fuller acceptance of what is .

These ceremonies are accompanied by carefully chosen music. Sometimes we work with dynamic dance/live trance music by Miguel Anumano before the sessions and integrate with gentle instruments, such as singing bowls, flutes ect by Mela. It is always a play between the breath and sound and visa versa, both helping each other to receive its healing benefits.


Set up:

Arriving and connecting to the breath and body thru understanding the process mentally (explanation) and thru feeling (breath focused-meditation) and some movement & connection exercises to drop into the body- where the feelings are present.

We work with elements out of Yoga, Tantra, Family Constellation, Shamanism, Movement and Dance.



The breathing practise itself lasts approximately 1 hour, you will be lying on the floor if not mentioned differently and it is all guided with deep medicine music. After the breathing there is a relaxation/integration time and a possibility for sharing.

Different events may have a different topics/themes. Check below.

It is recommended to attend more then 1 session, to benefit more from this powerful work. There is also options for 1:1 sessions with Mela, just contact us here to inquire details.

Who is guiding you:


Mela Mariposa

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Mela Mariposa, co- founder of Svara- Beyond Breathwork, today works as a breathwork therapist and life-coach.

The main focus in Mela's work is to accompany her clients into a state of presence and into their heart space, where transformation can take place. She loves working with people who want to develop their potential and fulfill their dreams, people who are ready to go deep and want to dissolve old patterns and habits.

Mela has a huge background knowledge, she worked for over 12 years as a nurse in psychiatric clinics, she is a holistic nutritionist and spent years studying the science and practise of traditional yoga. She has lived, trained and taught in various communities in Asia and Europe. Nowadays she integrates shamanic work, western therapeutic elements and elements from traditional Yoga & Tantra.

Where & When :

28.2. 2021, 10.00- 13.00 hrs,

This is an online event where we focus deeply on this empowering breathing practise.


We will be a small intimate group to keep it a safe space to share yourself fully and freely.

Camera on is mandatory. - check on how to prepare for an online session.

Price: 25.- € prepaid. ( If money is an issue, speak with me and we find a way together)




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In case of pregnancy, severe heart disease or any mental issues, such as psychosis please contact me directly.