Breathwork & Meditation Weekend

Dive Deep!

8 March -10 March 2019


Breathwork | Meditation | Movement | Nature | Nourishing Food| Cacao Ceremony






Escholzmatt, Switzerland.

Dive deep! A breathwork and meditation weekend with Mela Mariposa and Thomas Arta

We invite you to aweekend of discovery, learning and connection to deepen your practice and offer you tools to use and share.

From Friday until Sunday we will share the beautiful and homely space of Galleli retreat centre in Biosphère Entlebuch. No distractions, silent nature, sparkling air and new friends! Among other things we will explore:

Movement – to open the body and feel
Meditation – to develop the space of listening
Cacao ceremony – to connect to the earth and clarify intentions
Breathwork – to allow us to let go of what no longer serves us and open a gateway to our deeper selves
Nourishing food – for a happy healthy belly!
Sharing – to open the window into other’s lives and feel at home in community
Practical tools – to bring the experiences home and take new ideas into your daily life

Breath. Body. Movement. Stillness. Life.

Whether you are a yoga teacher, yoga student, counsellor, facilitator or just curious to know more, this weekend is designed to deepen your practice and give you practical tools to take into your life.

Leave with new skills and tools to integrate into both your personal practice and any teaching, facilitation or group work you might offer.

More info and registration:

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Escholzmatt in the «Wild West of Lucerne» is a part of Switzerland’s first UNESCO biosphere reserve. The Entlebuch biosphere encompasses precious moorland with rare fauna and flora considered of international importance. Beautiful water meadows lie alongside the Kleinen Emme. The Escholzmatt municipal district extends to the Schrattenfluh, one of the most impressive karst landscapes in the pre-Alpine region.

The house (Galleli) is a tipical swiss house, beautifully renovated. It has 2 yurts, one for guests or workshops and 1 yurt sauna.

For sleeping there are 2 dorms with each 8 beds.  The third room is our beautiful yurt that can host 4 people. We can host max 20 people.


How to get here:

From Lucerne, it is a 40min train ride to Escholzmatt. From the local trainstain a 8min walk to the house.

Find schedules on


We love food and we love you, having a conscious and sattvic diet is important for us, as food shall be nourishing and healthy. So we are super happy to have Monika and Schang who will be cooking delicious vegan ayurvedic influenced meals for us, with gluten free options.

“When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace”

Program and Daily Schedule


5pm – Arrival
6pm – dinner, opening circle, cacao ceremony and intention setting



7.30am – Morning practice (yoga, movement, meditation)
9.30am – Breakfast
10.30am  – Theory and practice (deepening understanding and embodiment)
1pm– Lunch and break
3pm – Breathwork session
6.30pm – Dinner and break
8pm – Evening session (sauna / singing / fire ritual)



7am – Morning practice
9am – Breakfast
10am – Theory and practice (taking practice into everyday life)
1pm – Lunch
2.30pm – Integration session and closing
4pm– Home time!


The full weekend in a 8 Bed- Dorm is:  390 Chf

This includes, accomodation, food, sauna and all the classes.

Please use following link for registration:

Breathe Deeply And Say YES!