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Back to the Roots

A weekend Retreat with Olivia Marié, Mela Mariposa & Melinda Nina Garcia

11 Sept -13 Sept 2020

Breathwork | Fire Ritual| Chakra Dance | Cacao Ceremony | Meditations | Sound Healing


Location & Accommodation



Who is guiding you



Back to the Roots

A summer weekend gathering to reconnect with ourselves and mother nature.

Back to the Roots is a nature gathering for women and men who wish to reconnect with mother earth, the pulse of breath and experience ancient traditional healing methods.

Our offerings are about experiencing community and powerful natural healing methods. We will dive deep into the power of breath and the elements of nature. We will guide you into your inner space and invite you to discover your essence, heal old patterns and connect with your deepest desires and purest visions. We will hold two powerful Breathwork Ceremonies and one sacred Sweatlodge Ritual.

Within this wonderful journey into yourself, you will have the opportunity to deeply connect with your body, your emotions and your inner child. Our intention is to bring more presence and awareness into your body and to reconnect you with your inner resources, for more ease and joy in your daily life.

We offer:
~Breathwork Ceremonies
~Sweatlodge Ritual
~Mindfulness Practices
~Nature Meditations
~Sound Healing
~Chakra Dance
~Cacao Ceremony
...and a lot of space to connect with each other ☺️

Healing, transforming, sharing, celebrating and remembering the flow of love and connection within yourself, the community and mother earth - this is what we wish for all of us during our time together.


The more conscious you breathe the more connected and aware you become.

Breathwork uses a simple technique, called “conscious connected breath”, a profound technique that deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, conditioning, negative thoughts/patterns and emotions.
It helps us to open up the doors for new possibilities and a greater consciousness. If done properly it is a “gateway” to your inside world, to truly see who you are with all layers of a human being, emotionally, physically and energetically. And yet the outcome is always a surprise, as we are all individuals caring different stories and backgrounds. The main result is pure presence & awareness, which eventually leads us into a fuller acceptance of what is.

Olivia & Mela will guide you safely into this beautiful space together.


Sweat Lodge: (cancelled)

We had to decide that we can not hold a sweat lodge ceremony this time. For the seminar house it is a grey area regarding all the restrictions about the actual situation happening in this world. We do want to respect the needs of safety.

Back To The Roots is a place for connection, the connection to yourself, to others and to mother earth and everything else that is present within the field. We are creating a space for healing, where you can feel safe and held. This also means that we respect the needs of the space holders, so we can flow in harmony and peace with each other.

Melinda will offer a powerful FIRE RITUAL instead. The intention remains exactly the same.

It is a place for you to connect with the power of the fire, your inner strength and go into a deep state of healing together.

The Sweat Lodge is an ancient way of cleansing body, mind and soul through connecting to the directions and the elements. This space is also called the womb of Mother Earth and depending on tradition and intention, it serves to cleanse, give thanks, connect, give farewell, heal and finally leads back to the recognition of the own essence. Ultimately we remember the connection and unity of everyone and everything.

As an experienced Sweat Lodge space holder, Melinda carries out the ceremony with love and care. She feels what is currently needed for every person and supports the respective process gently and intuitively.

Listen to your heart prayer, connect it with your breath, utilize your voice, say it out load and trust that Mother Earth will carry and the Great Mystery will guide you.

Join Melinda on a journey into the magical nature of yourself. You are welcome. You are unique and sooo valuable. You are cared for. You are loved. And if you don't believe it, we'll find ways together that you will feel it.


Important to know:

This retreat is held in german and english.

This retreat is not suitable for you in case of pregnancy, or if you suffer of any severe heart disease, psychosis or epilepsy. Please get in touch if you are in any doubt about your health situation.


Breathwork Ceremony
Sweat Lodge

Location & Accommodation

 Escholzmatt in the «Wild West of Lucerne» is a part of Switzerland’s first UNESCO biosphere reserve. The Entlebuch biosphere encompasses precious moorland with rare fauna and flora considered of international importance. Beautiful water meadows lie alongside the Kleinen Emme. The Escholzmatt municipal district extends to the Schrattenfluh, one of the most impressive karst landscapes in the pre-Alpine region.

The house (Galleli) is a tipical swiss house, beautifully renovated. It has 2 yurts, one for guests or workshops and 1 yurt sauna.

For sleeping there are 2 dorms with each 8 beds.  The third room is the beautiful yurt where we invite a couple or 2 friends to stay with us. (there is kingsize bed) - it has a fire place to make it nice a cosy.


How to get here:

From Lucerne, it is a 40min train ride to Escholzmatt. From the local trainstain a 8min walk to the house.

Find schedules on sbb.ch


We love food and we love you, having a conscious and sattvic diet is important for us, as food shall be nourishing and healthy. So we are super happy to have Monika and Schang who will be cooking delicious vegan ayurvedic influenced meals for us that is gluten free.

“When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace”

Daily Schedule

Friday 11th of Sept.

Arriving after 3pm latest 6pm.

6.30pm Opening Circle & Dinner

8.30pm Chakra Dance






Saturday 12th of Sept.

8am – 10am Morning walk and guided Breath Meditation

10am Breakfast

11am – ca. 1.30pm Inner Child activation

2pm Lunch

3pm -6pm Mandala Breathwork

7pm - ca 11pm Sweatlodge

11pm  Soup

Sunday 13th of Sept.

9am -10am No Dimension Meditation ( active meditation)

10am Breakfast

12pm -  3pm Outdoor Breathwork (If the weather allows)

3pm Lunch

4pm Cacao Ceremony and closing circle

This program has been carefully designed to create a beautiful wave to enter into the space of this deep work. Note that some slight changes my arise.

Who is guiding you:

Olivia & Mela are the main organizers of this gathering and we will guide you and hold space for you. We are breathwork practitioners and love sharing healing & ceremonial space together. For this gathering we invited a dear friend Melinda Nina Garcia to be part of this powerful creation to share her wisdom in holding a sacred Sweatlodge Ritual on the saturday evening.


Mela Mariposa

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Mela Mariposa, co- founder of Svara- Beyond Breathwork, today works as a breathwork therapist and life-coach.

The main focus in Mela's work is to accompany her clients into a state of presence and into their heart space, where transformation can take place. She loves working with people who want to develop their potential and fulfill their dreams, people who are ready to go deep and want to dissolve old patterns and habits.

Mela has a huge background knowledge, she worked for over 12 years as a nurse in psychiatric clinics, she is a holistic nutritionist and spent years studying the science and practise of traditional yoga. She has lived, trained and taught in various communities in Asia and Europe. Nowadays she integrates shamanic work, western therapeutic elements and elements from traditional Yoga & Tantra.


Olivia Marié

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Olivia Marié, co-founder of Svara- Beyond Breathwork is a passionate Breathwork Teacher, certified and recognized breathing Therapist and Art of being Teacher. While continuously studying a wide range of therapeutic methods including BBTRS, Tantra, Theta Healing, spiritual care of dying persons etc., she has explored and studied many ways to heal and loves to work with people who want to learn to integrate and discover all aspects of their personal life and being.

One of Olivia’s passion and life task is to bring people together, to create and hold sacred spaces for connection and be part of the change for a new earth. The wisdom of the Moondance has become Olivia's inspiration and teaching and changed her life profoundly. Since 2020 is Olivia one of the co-creator of the Pachamama Festival; Olivia is thankful to share her gifts to plant the seeds for a new world. Originally from France, she lives with her family in Switzerland.


Melinda Nina Garcia

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Melinda Nina Garcia, is a visionary woman, building bridges between worlds and creating sacred spaces to connect with oneself, each other and Mother Earth. After over 20 years of corporate world and studying shamanic traditions and prayers within the Eco-village Pachamama in Costa Rica and with many elders in South America, she now, as a Moondancer and Sacred Pipe Carrier, is fully committed to the healing ways of Mother Earth and her people.

She is a co-creator of the Pachamamafestival, produces spiritual concerts and events, leads the vision of planting the Moondance Ritual in Switzerland and serves Mother Earth as an experienced Sweat Lodgeleader and Ceremonyholder.


The price of the retreat:

410.- Fr. / Person

Accommodation & Food (3 meals)

In 8 bed- dorm:  200.- inkl. Kur taxes - (SOLD OUT)

Yurt for 2 people (1 kingsize bed) suitable for a couple: 250.- Fr. inkl. Kur taxes (SOLD OUT)


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We are looking forward to have you with us!

Breathe Deeply And Say YES!