The goal of Relax.Play.Yoga, is to have a holistic approach to integrate all parts of the human being on the level of the body, the mind and the heart. We bring in a huge variety of exercises and practises, such as yoga, sharings, chants, play and movement to both challenge and nourish you in all areas. We call upon self-reflection and authenticity as tools to explore our depths and hights in a safe and effective way.

Our intention is to help you tickle out your authentic self and allow you to relax in the being that you are now, to honour your inner child and to find your power in order to celebrate the life with you. Our focus is on the level of the heart to create expansion and a space of love where you can allow yourself to be who you are, without judgments and without the idea of right or wrong. Our journeys offer you self- discovery and fun in a safe environment!


Relaxation goes way beyond just hanging in the hammock and doing nothing. At firstl it’s in the mind, learning to get out of the “I must do this and that” into a genuine willingness to be open to explore life. Then to give the body some techniques to help express the tensions that we all carry as part of our daily lives. From there the heart naturally reconnects to our bodies and we feel more whole and at peace.

A whole, happy and relaxed nervous system able to connect with our true nature and feelings. For this we work with, breathwork, pranayama, affirmation practises, stress management, sound-healing, sharings, yoga, meditation, dance, bodywork, silence, nature and healthy food. The practices we share will help reduce your stress level, improve digestion and sleep and increase your overall health leaving you feeling clear and energised for life.


Playing is our natural state of being. It can be both serious or light. The art of conscious play is a great way to explore both our outer and inner worlds, together or alone. There are often aspects of ourselves that we see that seem unacceptable or conflicting with who we think, we are, yet still they are in us sometimes seemingly living a life of their own.

Play allows us both to take distance and to explore these unexpressed parts in a safe and fun way, making us feel more integrated, confident and whole.

How do we play? Through laughter, movement, dance, yoga, partner yoga, acroyoga, games, singing…Life is here to be celebrated. Let’s celebrate together, let’s invite our inner child to blossom and express the beauty of life in a playful and easy way. We love simplicity.

Play builds trust. It`s fun. It increases teamwork, heals and builds community. So come play with us beautiful beings.


Yoga is an ancient practise and lifestyle, shared with you on and off the mat.

We share a blend of Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Chakra Yoga. A practice like yoga reconnects you to the body through movement and breath. Our classes emphasize the ancient techniques that deeply connect body and mind. We use pranayama, (breath), bhandas (locks) mudras (gestures) and kriyas to help you reconnect with the fullness of who you are. The style we share has been influenced through great teachers such as Reinhard Gammenthaler and Mark Withwell.

Yoga is a tool that helps to re-connect the soul with the body by clearing and strengthening all its systems which allows for the flow of life to pass through more freely. With regular practice you will gain body awareness, feel more content, reduce anxiety and increase vitality.

All in all a great way to live a fuller, happier life.



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Breathing is the greatest pleasure in life.”