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Sacred Cacao & Abundance Ritual 

Sacred Cacao  & Abundance Ritual 

A beautiful abun- dance ritual to empower our creative being.

In this ceremony we look at our richness, on what we already have and our inner and outer power to create and attract more of what we want in life. We look at the aspects of giving and receiving, as this is an important part of the law of attraction. You will discover more about your beliefs around money and abundance … and get inputs on how to change this. The first step is the willingness and openness to change old beliefs about ourselfs. Abundance is a dance from the inside to the outside, a manifestation of the inner self.

Cacao is one of the richest plant medicines you can find. Highly nutritious and in the past this golden bean has been used as money! With the potent power of the cacao, we enter and open this ceremonial space and define our intentions and transform our wishes.

Let’s empower this creation of change with cacao for more more and more healing!


This workshop includes meditation, movement and using our voices.


What to bring:
Water bottle
A handful of coins (euros)
A book to write
A personal item for the altar that represents abundance
Snacks to share for afterwards (if you feel to stay and connect a bit longer)

Where & When :

27.06.19, 19- 22 hrs, Lisboa

@Bloom,  Avenida Antonio Augusto Aguiar, 88, 5th floor, Lisbon

Energy exchange/ Troca energética:
20.-€ Prepaid, pré-pago (until 1 day before)
25.- € at the door, à porta

Please reserve your spot, as space is limited: / 962278719

Let us know, in case you are pregnant or take any anti-depressant.

Sign Up/ Reservas:

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