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Breathwork & Sound Medicine Ceremony

Breathwork & Sound Medicine Ceremony

Group Ceremonies:

The simple technic of the conscious connected breath deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, conditioning, patterns, negative thoughts and emotions. It helps us to open up the doors for new possibilities and greater consciousness.
You will be guided and fully supported in a group breathing session. Lying on a mat, breathing on your own you will be going on a journey with the power of the breath.
The experience may bring up any kind of emotions, up to completely blissful journeys, it depends what is present for you in that very moment. Not what you want will come up, but what you need. Your subconscious knows exactly what you can deal with and where you need to go. Together we rise the awareness within the process, breathe through and transfrom, what needs to be released. There is no right or wrong, every session is different and not to be compared with someone elses journey.
This technic is a profound tool to release old patterns, to connect deeper with your heart and to see more clear who and where you really are.
Usual set up:
Arriving and connecting to the breath and body thru understanding the process mentally (explanation) and thru feeling (breath focused-meditation) and some movement & connection exercise to drop into the body- where the feelings are present.
We work with elements out of Yoga, Tantra, Family Constellation, Shamanism, Movement and Dance.
The breathing practise lasts approximately 1 hour, lying on the floor if not mentioned differently, all guided with the woderful live sound medicine of Miguel Anumano. After the breathing there is a relaxation/integration time and a possibility for sharing.

Different events may have a different topics/themes. Check below.
It is recommended to attend more then 1 session, to benefit more from this powerful work.
There is also options for 1:1 sessions with Mela, just contact us here to inquire details.

Where & When :

15.06 2019, 16.00- 20.00 hrs, Lisbon

Theme:  “Expressions

In this session “Expressions” we will work with simple but powerful exercises of expressing ourselves, through our voices and within the movement and the breath.

@Inti Sana, Rua Damasceno Monteiro 85, 1170-113 Lisbon, Portugal

Doors open at 15.30 and close at 16.00 hrs. (make sure you come in time)

Energy exchange for this 4 hour deep session with live Music:
25.- if prepaid 
30.- Euros at the door. Registration required as we have limited space only. 

Limited space for 14 people.

In case of pregnancy, severe heart disease or psychiatric illnesses such as psychosis please contact us directly.



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